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Sri Matre Namaha

Nishkarana – The One Hundred & Fifty Second name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.


She is without cause. 

na vidyate karanam yasyah sa

She who is without cause.

As She is the cause of all (everything).

Or nihsesam karanam (prathamam) yasyam

She is one in whom the cause (i.e., karana) rests

This is because She is the cause for this universe, yet another quality of the Brahman. Shvetashvatara Upanishad VI.9 says ‘There is none in this world who is his master or who governs him, and here is nothing by which he can be identified. He is the cause of all. He is also the lord of the jiva (soul), who is the lord of the sense organs. No one is his creator and no one is his controller’.

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Posted February 10, 2012 by UdayaBhaaskarBulusu

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