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Sri Matre Namaha

Nirishvara – The One Hundred & Fifty Fifth name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.


na vidyate isvarah yasyah sa

She is without a ruler ( lit., superior). Since she is the ruler of all. She is not under anyone’s rule.

Of the two systems of Indian philosophy, the mimamsa and the sankhya, the former is sesvara (with lord), while the latter is nirisvara (without lord). But the goddess belongs to both, hence she is seen as ‘without a ruler’

She does not have a superior. She is the Supreme ruler. One may say that Shiva is above Her in hierarchy. Shiva has certain well defined acts that include creation of Shakthi out of His prakasha form, acting as the static partner in creation but himself not partaking in the acts of creation, sustenance and dissolution. Shiva does not interfere with Her administration (vimarsha form of Shakthi) and that is why it is said that She does not have a superior.

Though there are many other interpretations for these namas, we have taken into account the explanations available to qualify the Brahman. When we discuss about qualities of the Brahman, it is inappropriate to interpret the namas in a way different from what they are intended for. With this nama the description of qualities of Her nirguna Brahman form ends. Though the Brahman does not have qualities, one will be wondering why Vak Devis mention about the qualities of the Brahman. As said earlier, for a common man, the Brahman can be qualified by negations, as the Brahman cannot be realized by our sensory organs.

That is why the prefix ‘nir’ (negation) is used in all these namas (132-155 except 141). Knowledge of the Brahman starts with ‘not that’ and ends with ‘I am That’. The first that is for negation and second That is used to qualify the Brahman. Nama s 156 to 195 discuss about the fruits of worshipping such formless form of Her.

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