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Sri Matre Namaha

Neeraga – The One Hundred & Fifty Sixth name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.


Nirgatam ragah (=kamah) yasyah sa

She who is free from passion

The text now proceeds to reject the theory that the differences in the mind belong to the self adn to teach that renunciation is the means of overcoming the six enemies, viz., kama (desire), krodha (wrath), lobha (greed), moha (bewilderment), mada (pride) and irsya (envy).

She is devoid of desire because she has satiated all her desires.

Raga – according to Sandilya Sutra (1.6), it means ‘longing for’.

But the goddess is free from it, as she has no object to long for.

niram (=jalam) agah (=parvatah) tadubhayarupa

Nira means water, aga mountain. She assumes both the forms

Raga means desire. She is without desire. Though this nama and a few subsequent namas may appear similar to the previous group, in fact they are not so. Anthakkaranam consists of four components mind, intellect, consciousness (in a manifested form in the mind) and ego. These four in no way are connected to the Atman or the Brahman. As a matter of fact the components of anthakkaranam are impediments to self-realization.

Apart from anthakkaranam there are six other deterrents viz. desire, anger, jealousy, confusion, pride and envy. These six need no explanation as a mere look at these words will show how dangerous they are. Now these namas explain the ways to disassociate ourselves from these. First, Vak Devis explained to us the concept of the Brahman and now they proceed to explain how to realise the Brahman, a true step-by-step guidance to self-realization.

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