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Sri Matre Namaha

Mṛtyu-mathanī – The One Hundred & Eighty Oneth name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.

mrtyam mathnati sa

Mrtyumathani = Mrtyu+Mathani – Mrtyu means death (not having re-birth) and Mathani means Destoyer

She who removes death

She removes the death of her devotees

She destroys the death of Her devotees.

Mṛtyu means death. Only somebody without death alone can give the boon of deathlessness. Here death also means rebirth. She does not allow Her devotees to be reborn. This means that She destroys the karmas of Her devotees. Devotee does not mean a person who performs external rituals. One who is able to identify himself with Her is called a devotee and this stage can be attained only by perpetual meditation.

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Posted July 1, 2012 by UdayaBhaaskarBulusu

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