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Sri Matre Namaha

Mohanāśinī – The One Hundred & Sixty Third name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.

moham (=ekatva jnanadanena) nasayati iti

She who destroys the delusion due to avidya, the bhaktas are confused, but by giving the knowledge and idea of unity she destroys the bewilderment of her devotees.

She destroys such confusions in the minds of Her devotees. When a devotee is without confusion, he moves towards the Brahman. Isha Upanishad says ‘ekatvam anu pashyatah’ which means seeing everywhere the same thing, the Brahman.

We have seen earlier that Shakthi alone is capable of taking somebody to the Brahman. When Shakthi who is also called maya moves away, leaving a person before the Brahman (Shiva) enabling that person to realize the Brahman by himself. Self illuminating Brahman is realized only when illusion (maya) is destroyed.

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Posted June 22, 2012 by UdayaBhaaskarBulusu

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