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Sri Matre Namaha

Mantrinyamba-viracita-vishangavadha-toshita – The Seventy Fifth name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.


mantrinyambaya viracitena visangasya vadhena tosita

She is delighted at the slaying of Visanaga by mother Mantrini

Mantrini is the other name of Syamala. Visanga and Visukra are the two brothers of Bhandasura

She was delighted with the destruction of demon Vishangavadha by Mantrini (shyamala) devi. Vishnga and Vishukra are the two brothers of Bhadasura. There were created by Bhandasura from his shoulders. There is bija ‘vi’ in this nama. The root of this bija is the alphabet ‘va’. Va indicates two things. It helps in attaining super natural powers. Secondly it eradicates evil influences. Mantrini devi represents the potency of mantras. Vishanga means desires arising out of the evil effects of sensory organs. Mantrini devi destroys such desires of the devotees of Lalithambigai.

She is delighted at the destruction of Visanga by Mantrini Devi from the remnants of the ash of Manmatha were born two demons – Vishukra and Vishanga. These two became the main brothers of Bhandasura. In addition, thousands of Rakshasas (demons) were born out of the ash of Manmatha. All of them became followers of Bhandasura. They formed a strong army of 300 Akshouhinis (one Akshouhini consists of 21870 elephants, 65610 horses and109350 soldiers). Having come to know about the birth of thousands of Rakshasas, Shukracharya (the guru of Rakshasas) came there and assumed the role of the Guru for all those Rakshasas and initiated them to undertake regular Anushthanas (daily rituals). He also summoned Maya, the architect-builder of demons and asked him to create a new city in the province of Mahendra Mountains. He named the city as ‘Shoonyaka Pattana’

Shukracharya asked all the demons to move to the new city. He crowned Bhandasura as the king of the newly formed kingdom and made Vishukra and Vishanga the Yuvarajas (princes) of that kingdom. Bhandasura had four wives. 1. Sammohini, 2. Kumudini, 3. Chitrangi 4.Sundari. Under the guidance of Shukracharya, activities like fire sacrifices, Vedic education and penance went on uninterruptedly in every house.

During the war Lalita devi’s daughter Baladevi wanted to fight the demons herself. Baladevi is the only daughter of Lalita devi .She resembles Lalita devi very much but is only nine years old .She stays permanently with her mother.. Baladevi approached her mother and requested for permission to fight in thebattlefield. At the outset Lalita devi denied but looking at the courage and will power exhibited by Bala devi she ultimately gave permission. Seeing Bala devi coming for the war Mantrini and Dandanayaka were astonished and they stood as her body guards. Now Baladevi started ferocious fighting with Bhanda’s sons. Every one was surprised at her valor. Whole of the second day Baladevi fought. That evening she shot 30 arrows at a time and killed the 30 sons of Bhanda.

Lalita devi was very happy and she embraced her daughter (Bhanda putra vadhodyukta bala vikrama nandita).
Bhanda was grief stricken. Desperately he himself started off for the war. Vishukra and Vishanga pacified Bandasura.

Vighnayentra nashnam

(Destruction of the mystic symbol of obstacles). Now Bhanda sent Vishukra to the warfront. In the darkness Vishukra approached the Vahniprakara (firewall) –on a flat stone he drew a mystic symbol and performed some black magic. He then threw that mystic symbol forcefully. It fell in the firewall at some point. With the affect of that yantra (mystic symbol) laziness crept into the minds ofthe devi’s army. Some started arguing that war itself was wrong.

Some said, “Why should we fight on behalf of the gods”.

Some said, “Who is this Lalita devi? Who has given her superior ship over us?”

Some said, “If all of us together decline not to fight what can Lalita devi do?”

All of them fell into sleep of ignorance. After midnight Vishukra along with 30 akshohini sena surrounded the firebarrier. Even then none of the members of shakti sena moved under the influence of the ignorance caused by the Vighna yantra. However, Vighnayentra was not able to affect Mantrini and Dandanatha. But they were both very sad worried seeing the state of their army. Not knowing what to do they went and enquired Lalita devi. Then Lalita devi looked at the Kameshwara’s face and passed a gentle smile. From her smile Ganapathi took birth. He immediately searched in the firewall and noticed the ‘vighnayentra shila’ at one place. He broke the shila into pieces and powder with his tooth.(kameshwaramukhaloka kalpita sri ganeshwara Mahaganesha nirbhinna vighnayentra praharsita). With that shaktisena’s ignorance and sleep was dispelled, they immediately got ready for the war. Now Vighneswara along with this army came out of the fire barrier and started fighting with Vishukra.

Vishukra sent Gajasura to attack him but soon Gajasura was slayed. Seeing this Vishukra ran away.

Annihilation of Vishukra and Vishanga.

After discussing with Bhandasura, Vishukra came back to war, along with his brother Vishanga and son-in-law. With this the third day war had started. Mantrini and Dandanatha both started to fight simultaneously. In the front was Dandanatha devi mounted on her kirichakra ratha with her plough weapon (halayudha) swirling it rapidly. Behind her was Mantrini devi mounted on Geyachakra ratha as an archer with bow and arrows. Dandanatha devi attacked Vishunga. Mantrini devi confronted Vishukra.. Ashwarudha, Sampatkari and others attacked the son- in-law of the demons who had come..The army of the demons started slackening. Noticing this Vishukra discharged Trushastram (weapon which produces thirst). Shaktisena’s army started to experience intense thirst. Then Dandanatha devi invited ‘Madyasamudra’(=ocean of liquor) devata from her kirichakra and quenched their thirst. Madyasamudra deva showered liquor rains. With that the army quenched their thirst and rejuvenated.. By sunset most of the demons including Bhanda’s son-in-law had died. Then Shyamala devi (Mantrini) fought with Visanga and killed him with ‘Brahmashironamakastra’ (a powerful weapon named brahmashira). Dandanatha devi (Potrini) killed Vishukra with her plough weapon and pestle.

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