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Sri Matre Namaha

Brahmagranthi-vibhedini – The Hundredth name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.


brahmagranthim visesena bhinattisa

She who opens the brahmagranthi

Of the six cakras, each has two knots on both the ends. Brahmagranthi = granthi of the svadistana.

She who breaks the tie in Brahma grandhi i.e she who helps us to cross the ties due to our birth.

She pierces the brahma granthi. There are three knots called granthis in three places in the path of kundalini. These granthis are to be pierced to make the kundalini ascend to the higher chakras. First of such granthis is found above the muladhara chakra and below the swadishtan chakra. Kundalini has to pierce the brahma granthi to reach the swadishtan chakra.

What is this Grandhi?

We all know Grandham – a big sacred book. The word Grandham has come from Grandhi. When the essence of the grandhi’s comes into the brain of a person and he converts it into a book it becomes a “Grandham”. Unless you have Gyana or knowledge how can you write a book ? Since knowledge comes from the Grandhi any book is called a Grandham. The explosion or the splitting of the grandhis is very beneficial to mankind. Imagine a bud blooming into a flower; this is exactly how explosion of grandhi or “grandhi chedana” takes place. It is like a knot and when the knot is opened the cosmic light enters it. Now inside nothing there is everything. Unless you know how to exercise control on the grandhi you should not try to open it just by reading some books.

Now a days we don’t even open a parcel without knowing what is inside it. Listen to what grandhi trayam is. There are three grandhis namely Vishnu grandhi, Brahma grandhi and Rudra grandhi. This is grandhi trayam. Where are they? In the heart is the Vishnu grandhi. In the brain is the Brahma grandhi and in the spinal cord is the Rudra grandhi. Goddess Lakshmi resides in the heart. Here it is not the form we are talking about but the universal power. This is the Iccha Shakti – the universal will power. Spirituality is as easy as eating a banana if someone peels it for you. I am reminded of Lord Krishna and Vidura. Sri Krishna went to Duryodhana’a palace to convey the message of peace. Duryodhana arranged a feast in his honor. Lord Krishna said that he didn’t want such a big feast and instead he wanted to go to Vidura’s house. Krishna went unannounced and unexpectedly so Vidura offered him Bananas. He seated Lord Krishna and started peeling the bananas and started feeding Lord Krishna in ecstasy. After some time Vidura came back to his senses and realized what he was doing. He was giving peel of the banana to the Lord and throwing away the fruit. Sri Krishna was enjoying what Vidura was feeding him.

Vidura felt very bad and said, “Lord, in happiness and ecstasy I fed you the peels, at least you could have told me what I was doing. Please forgive me.” Lord Krishna said, “Vidura, only now do I know that even banana peels are so sweet. I enjoyed them. You have put all your devotion and love inside this so it is even sweeter than nectar itself.” When I go to peoples house also sometimes people get confused and forget things which they wanted to do. I view it as a mark of excessive and sincere devotion.

Poola gutthulu enni pooja lo unchina

pulakarinchapodu pucchukodu

hridaya kamala mosaga sadaiyudai grahinchu

Viswayogi maata vinina phalamu.

Even if you offer bunches of flowers to the Lord, he will not be happy or accept them. If you offer the lotus of the heart, he will happily and eagerly accept it. You will benefit by listening to Viswayogi’s word.

Pattu patti viduva(2), palakadu raa Gurudu

pattu pattakanna palakadu asalu

pattu viduva raadhu(2), paluku valayu nunna

Viswayogi maata vinina phalamu.

Guru will not respond to you if you let go of him after holding him. He will not respond at all if you don’t hold on to his feet. If you keep holding on to his he has no choice but to give you his blessings.

One person went to an elder and asked him to get him a job. The elder said, “Ok, I will see.” Then next morning when the elder was opening the gate for the newspaper this person was waiting outside and asked him “What about my job?” The elderly man again said, “I will see.” The elderly man went to the market and he finds the man who wanted a job again. Again the man reminds the elder about the job. Now this influential man knows that the man will not leave him till he gets him a job. So he gives him a job. Similarly a Guru also tests you many times in different ways. If you don’t leave him he blesses you and takes you to a higher level. After all even to get your little kid admitted in KG you have to meet the principal, have interviews and give donations etc. So to get Guru’s grace you have to stand the tests he gives to elevate your status.In the heart is the Hrid Grandhi also known as Vishnu grandhi or universal will power or Lakshmi.

Brahma grandhi or Saraswati is there in the brain in the form of knowledge so it is called the power of knowledge.Lord Brahma have four faces , because Saraswati is in four forms namely Para near the navel, Paschyanthi in the heart, Madhyama in the vocal cord and Vaikhari on the lips. What I am talking now begins from the navel and comes out of the lips. The yogis and Siddhapurushas also have a fifth power called apara Shakti.Brahma’s wife is in form of Vaak Devi. Who is Brahma? Where is he? In what form is he? How do we find him? Whatever is pervading the universe is Brahma. What is the proof? The proof is “Satyam Gyanam Anantam Brahma”. The essence of all the scriptures is :

Satyam Gyanam Anantam Brahma

Satyam Gyanam, Satyam Anantam, Satyam Brahma

Guyana Satyam, Gyanam Anantam, Gyanam Brahma

Anantam Satyam, Anantam Gyanam, Anantam Brahma

Brahma Satyam, Brahma Gyanam, Brahma Anantam

Brahma Brahma Satyam Gyanam Anantam Brahma

Satyam means Truth. What is the real truth ? The real truth is Gyanam, the divine knowledge. Where is this knowledge? How is it? Real knowledge is Anantam which means infinite and it is everywhere, all pervading. It is in the form of divine glowing waves. That is Brahma. He is God. If you want to know where Goddess Saraswati is then go back to the primordial sound of “OM”. It is coming from the internal depths of the cosmos. If you are able to capture it, hear it and practice it then that is Viswavani, the voice or message of the universe.

“OM icchekaksharam Brahma”.

OM is aksharam (indestructible) and form of Brahma. When we want to do aksharabyasam for our children we are first teaching them to write “OM” as it is aksharam or indestructible. You may ask that if we can erase it after we write it then how is it indestructible? You might have erased it on the slate but you are imprinting the vibrations of “OM” in the heart and from there it can’t be erased.As far as we are concerned Vaak Devi or power of knowledge resides in the brain. This is for the individual mind.

The cosmic universe also has a mind, the universal mind. So Hrid grandhi is in the heart, Brahma grandhi is in the brain. Rudra grandhi is in the spinal cord. Rudra means Lord Siva. Who is Lord Siva’s wife? Goddess Durga, the power of action is in the spinal cord. So we have Hrid grandhi(heart), Brahma grandhi(brain) and Atma grandhi(spinal cord). The trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara is nothing but the universe. Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga are one. When you have a strong will to do something it is known as Iccha Shakti. When you are planning it is known as Gyana Shakti and when you are performing it is known as kriya Shakti.

All of you know that the spinal cord obeys the orders given by the brain. The brain must obey the order of the heart. But now a days we have lost the connection between the heart and the brain so we see all the problems. For the explosion of the Hrid grandhi, Brahma grandhi and Atma grandhi it takes 21 years of practice. For Hrid grandhi explosion itself it takes 12 years. If you have grace of Guru, Sadguru and get initiated by him and follow what he says then after 12 years explosion of the Hrid grandhi takes place. Saadhana is nothing but effort which you put in to achieve something. If you want to become a doctor you go to different coaching classes, study till 5:00 AM in the morning. Even that is saadhana. Explosion of Hrid grandhi is like lighting a flower pot (Diwali fire cracker). The explosion from the Hrid grandhi touches the brain. This is the starting point. Just as when you take a grinding stone and do grinding it produces vibrations, similarly explosion of Hrid grandhi vibrates the grandhi in the brain. To untie the knot it will take you 6 years. Once the explosion of Brahma grandhi takes place you are blessed with infinite knowledge.

One gets knowledge of all the fields and can talk to people from any profession very competently. There are many examples some of which are poet Kalidaasa, yogis and Siddhapurushas. After this it has to move to the spinal cord. The explosion of Brahma grandhi makes the Ida and Pingala nadis move and it awakens the sushmanna nadi. There are six energy centers in the body and the sushmanna comes up without our knowledge. For Rudra grandhi explosion it takes 3 years. So in 21 years all the three Shaktis have merged i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara have merged and the resultant form is what we call Dattatreya or Datta Shakti. Yoga means union of the individual power and the universal power. Your mind and the universal mind unite. Once there is no difference between your personal mind and the universal mind the power keeps flowing through you. Once you are connected to the universal source your power will not reduce how much ever you use it. Those who have united the three Shaktis (powers) namely Iccha Shakti, Gyana Shakti and Kriya Shakti have made direct connection with the universal power.

The aim of human life is not to leave the body and go away but while you have the body you should make connection with the universal source and make yourself a good instrument so that people around you will be benefited.

That is why it is said

“Sarira madhyam khalu dharma saadhanam”

meaning that this body is just an instrument for us to some good work on the earth. So remember that you should not neglect this body at any moment, at any time.

“Dehame devalayam, hridayame daiva peetham”

Body is the temple and the heart is the altar of God. So we should keep the body pure and sacred as it is the seat of God. You should aim to have connection between universal power and yourself and not leave the body. A yogi after he dies becomes immortal or eternal. How is this possible? What is dying? Death is going away from the body. Once you separate the “I” from the body they take the body and cremate it. What a yogi does is that he cuts the connection between himself and the body. That means he is dead. Once he is disconnects Himself and the body he is establishing a connection between himself and the universal power. That is how he becomes eternal.

Do you know who a Parama Yogi is? one who is eternal after passing of so many ages? Hanuman is a Parama Yogi.

Yatra yatra raghunatha kirtanam;

Tatra tatra kritha masthakanjalim;

Bhaspavaari paripurna lochanam;

Maarutim namata raakshasanthakam .

Lord Hanuman is a great example of a Parama Yogi who keeps chanting the name of Lord Rama and has Rama in each and every atom of his body. Even after the incarnation of Rama left the physical form Hanuman is still alive and wherever Lord Rama’s glory is sung he blesses the devotees. He is Pavana suta, son of Lord Vayu(Wind God). Vayu is nothing but your prana or life. The entire life of universe is within you. We have five “pranas” and these in turn have little pranas – upa prana and a maha prana. All these are one. We call them the eleven rudras. When we worship Lord Siva we say the Rudram 11 times. What we are doing is that we are invoking the eleven Shaktis(powers) within us and we are uniting our Shakti(power) with the universal power.

Is anyone bothering to find out the significance of these poojas?

The body is nothing but the representation of the universe. Atom and universe are same. Atom is identical to the human body and is identical to the infinite universe. All the infinite divine powers are within us. We talk of the seven wonders and so on, but the best wonder on the earth is the human body. We are fighting over man built temples, mosques, churches etc. but we are neglecting this body – the temple made by God. It is a moving mosque, moving church and moving temple. That is why body is temple of God. Our ancient sages have searched and researched about this body. The figured out how to strengthen this body. They closed their eyes and looked within. They opened their eyes and looked at the universe. They thought about how man could be strengthened and came up with some rules and regulations. Those rules and regulations were given the name Sanaatana Dharma, the universal constitution and code of conduct. They have covered all aspects of life e.g. about food intake behavior, our conduct, relationship between husband and wife, how a king should behave etc. and came out with rules for everyone and everything. If we live our life following these rules and regulations our life will be like in heaven.

“Manayoh manushyanam karanam bhanda mokshyoh”

This means that the mind is the root cause for everything. Even Milton has written about it in his book “Paradise Lost I”. If you are familiar with this book, after Adam and Eve fall to the earth after eating the forbidden fruit Saturn delivers a discourse to enlighten Adam and Eve which is covered in 20 pages of this book. There he says that mind can make heaven out of hell or hell out of heaven. That is why I always say that a problem is a problem until and unless it is solved. If you are capable enough to solve the problem there is no problem at all. Your mind is the root cause of everything. Even desire for wealth is born in your mind. According to homeopathy even diseases are born in the mind. So if medicine is given to the mind the diseases of the body can be cured. You think that by the touch, sight and some natural remedy of yogis and Siddhapurushas your diseases are cured. But they are not curing you by medicine. They are increasing your resistance or natural immunity by transmitting cosmic current through you. The disease is still there in a dormant form and it won’t do anything to you. They are not giving medicine to the physical body but are enlightening the causal body. They are treating the causal body, from there power comes to the astral body and finally to the physical body. They touch the source of the disease.

During the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna told Arjuna to get up and fight the enemy. Arjuna was dejected and said, “I can’t kill my grandfathers, uncles, teachers and friends”. Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that he has already killed each and everyone of them. All Arjuna had to do was to lift the bow and physically kill them and complete the formality. Once the astral body is killed the physical body falls down. Krishna has done everything using Arjuna as an instrument. Lord Krishna preached the Bhagwad Gita for us. We usually think that for a discourse there should be at least 20, 30 or 50 people. But Lord Krishna didn’t think like that. He just caught hold of Arjuna in the middle of the battle field and non stop he sang 18 chapters. Arjuna was the only listener. Arjuna didn’t have an option but to listen.

During the discourse Lord Krishna told Arjuna about Karma yoga, Gyana yoga and Bhakti yoga the different ways to reach the Lord. Arjuna was confused and said, “ O Krishna, you have told me so many paths but tell me which one I should follow?” Lord Krishna told Arjuna “All the paths were good you can follow any one of them, but “Yogivi ka” – Be a yogi. Which means connect your mind with my mind at all times and then you can follow any path you want.” If ones mind is connected with God or the Universal mind there is no reason for fear. It is like an airplane connected to the control tower. As long as the airplane has a connection with the control tower, there is no reason for fear. Once it loses its connection, then we have to worry about its whereabouts. Similarly as long as you have connection with Guru or God, you have no reason to fear, since he holds the remote control to protect you. So wherever you are, whether in India or America, Australia or the North Pole or even in outer space, if you keep connection with Guru you have faith in you will be happy and you will get his blessings. You need not physically cling to your Guru. Wherever you are do your duty and just have connection with him. If I want to listen to BBC I need not be in London. I can be anywhere and tune in. If I want to hear the Voice of America, I need not be in America. If I tune in I can hear it from anywhere. If you want to hear the voice of the universe you can be anywhere in the universe and you can tune in. That is Viswa vani. That is the divine message. That is the Goddess of Speech. That is Iccha Shakti(power of will). That is universal power of action.

The power of will, power of knowledge and power of action are not different. It is a gradual transformation of the same power. Just like a seed, plant and tree. Once will power is established it is translated into knowledge for planning then it transforms into action. If you have the grace of Guru you don’t have any reason to worry and everything will come to you automatically.we all know Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s disciple was Naren and he is known as Swami Vivekananda. Did he do any Saadhana? He used to ask everyone he saw if they had seen God or had conversation with God. He went to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and asked the same question. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa told him, “I talk to Mother Goddess just as I am talking to you.” He also said, “What took you so long? I have been waiting for you for so long.” Vivekanada thought that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was really crazy. Initially Vivekananda did not have devotion for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa nor did he treat him as his Guru. But Ramakrishna Paramahamsa got cosmic orders that he should transmit cosmic energy to Vivekananda and spread his message of Sanaatana Dharma all over the world through Swami Vivekananda. He knew that he was the disciple he was waiting for. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was a great saint. He touched his disciple while he himself went through all the universe and all power paths, reached his goal and then came back and transferred his power to his Disciple. He did this at three different times. Then he said to Swami Vivekananda, “You have become rich and I have become a beggar.” This is a proof of a Guru by mere touch transferring his power to his disciple. There are instances in the bible where Christ has cured diseases of many by touch. These are not miracles but the real truth. It is natural to them and it is a miracle for us.

So to understand her and be relieved from this birth one should understand the different aspect of life and how to lead a moral life which in turn helps us to understand the greatness of eternity and leave behind this body to reach the next level in our consciousness and get closer to her to experience esctasy.

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