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Sri Matre Namaha

Bhedanāśinī – The One Hundred & Seventy Ninth name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.


Bhedam (= vyavaharikam ttavjnanena) nasayati iti tatha

She who destroys the idea of difference

Bheda = difference. It may mean the knowledge of difference. By the real knowledge, she destroys the idea of bheda (duality)

She is the destroyer of differences, in the minds of Her devotees. Difference means duality. When difference is destroyed, there is no second. The difference can be destroyed by acquiring knowledge and She provides this knowledge to Her devotees.

The phala śrutī (the concluding verses, conveying the benefits of reciting this Sahasranāma) of this Sahasranāma says that there is no difference between Her and Her devotees. Authors of this Sahasranāma or any other important verses like this Sahasranāma always add a few verses after the conclusion of the main body of Sahasranāma and these verses are called phala śrutī or the concluding part. The verses in the concluding part normally prescribes how this Sahasranāma is to be recited, on which days to be recited and also indicates the benefits accruing out of such recitations. An abridged version of phala śrutī is provided after the explnation of Namas.

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