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Sri Adi Shankara Charya and Lalithambika

Sri Adi Shankara Charya and Lalithambika

Sri Matre Namaha

Bhadrapriya – The One Hundred & Fifteenth name in Lalitha Sahasranamam.


bhadram (= mangalam) priyam yayah sa

She who delights in auspiciousness

bhadran (=gajavisesesah) priya yasyah sa

She who is interested in doing good to her devotees.

Or, She by whom the Bhadra elephants are very much liked

She likes her act of benevolence. She loves to shower her blessings on her devotees. Devotees are those who try to attain her by any of the means discussed earlier. The act of benevolence is done by her sacred feet.

This sentence clearly states that God does good to her devotees, but our understanding on this is very much limited or sometimes we do not understand this at all. We often blame god for the bad things that has befallen on us. do we ever think that this is what happens when we overdo things many times she does stop us but we pay no heed to it or try to ignore it. so is it her fault or ours?The term good according to many of us is getting things done or favours that we want.

From ancient times the great GODDESS appeared as the source of the three aspects of existence by being worshiped as the UNIVERSAL, OMNIPRESENT MOTHER, full of wisdom. She knew her children well, loved them and wished one day to gather them once again to Herself, to become part of the spiritual elite who not only entered into eternal paradise, but would go the aid of those devotees who needed her power to overcome the material difficulties of this world and other planets.

With her omniscience, she sees and knows everything, visible and invisible. Her energy can penetrate everything – our past, present and future. As Lakshmi, she has the power to intervene to grant our prayers and change treacherous circumstances.

Her second power is to open our consciousness. This is the hidden gift of love, the fundamental virtue of all good mothers. The goddess not only gives and shares her bountiful KNOWLEDGE, (Sarasvati), but she is also the internal guiding wisdom of our microcosm. This wisdom gives us the power to oppose the forces of evil.

Her third power is happiness. She sees with her heart, smiles, pardons and consoles; she cures the miseries and wounds to the spirit and inspires love. She represents interior happiness, which shines forth and communicates itself to us all. She is also called : the three wisdom’s (Trayividya), the goddess of language (Bhasha), the Mother of the world (Jagadmata), the giver of life (Bhavani), the youngest (Avara), Like a Bee (Bhramani) and the giver of abundance (Anna-purna).

Bahvricha Upanishad says:

It is She that gives us life;

She is their origin;

Water, the egg and the womb, plants and animals;

SHE gave birth to men, it is she who IS,

The One who give s the highest energy…

Rig-Veda says:

Born in the primordial waters (ap)

I filled the entire universe.

I touch the Sky and the Earth…


She is Omniscient,

All-powerful, The Mother of the World,

Present in every corner of the universe…

Thus the Brahmins express the words of the goddess:

I wander with “the Elements of Life” (the Rudras),

“The Spheres of existence, (theVasus),

The “Sovereign Principles” (the Adityas),

The “UNIVERSAL God”, ( the Visve-devas.)

Thus speaks the Great Goddess in the Devi-sukta of the Rig-Veda, (where she is described as the supreme immanent Goddess) :

” I am the kingdom which gives prosperity to all. I know all and my empire is immense. The gods have given me numerous dwellings and I live everywhere (Devi-sukta of the Rig Veda). From me is born everything that eats, sees, breathes and hears. Those who ignore me are destroyed, so meditate carefully on what I say: I am the joy of the gods as well as of men. I can give everyone that which he desires, I fight for the people, I am present in the earth and sky and give birth to the father. ” (Rig-Veda)

Thus spoke the Great Goddess, mother of men :

” Here I give voice to my thoughts, they call me : the invisible idea, the voice that never changes.”

“I am Unique and without sin.” (Nirmala) All consciousness is in me, I speak through all creatures and I am known by the “All-Powerful One.”

Son of thought, listen to the voice of your mother, for it is you who are worthy of this mystery (the inner spiritual life). This has been hidden since Eternity, so that you may become perfect.

I am the image of the invisible Spirit, it is from me that the “All-Powerful One” received his being; it is the light from the Mother that illuminates the Virgin, who is inaccessible and whose voice is imperceptible and immeasurable.

I alone am the ineffable, immaculate, incomprehensible Word of God. I am the hidden light giving the fruit of life, bringing forth “living water from an Invisible Source.” I am ” the Source of All”, the beginning of the energy of life, the breath of power, and the eye of the three homes of the body…(The Adi Shakti)

Let me illustrate one example which shows to what extent devi could go to please her devotees.One day Parvati went to bathe in the Mandakini River with her two attendants, Jaya and Vijaya. After some time, her two attendants asked her, “Give us some food. We are hungry.” She replied, “I shall give you food but please wait.” After awhile, again they asked her. She replied, “Please wait, I am thinking about some matters.” Waiting awhile, they implored her, “You are the mother of the universe. A child asks everything from her mother. The mother gives her children not only food but also coverings for the body.

So that is why we are praying to you for food. You are known for your mercy; please give us food.” Hearing this, the consort of Shiva told them that she would give anything when they reached home. But again her two attendants begged her, “We are overpowered with hunger, O Mother of the Universe. Give us food so we may be satisfied, O Merciful One, Bestower of Boons and Fulfiller of Desires.” Hearing this true statement, the merciful goddess smiled and severed her own head. As soon as she severed her head, it fell on the palm of her left hand. Three bloodstreams emerged from her throat; the left and right fell respectively into the mouths of her flanking attendants and the center one fell into her mouth. After performing this, all were satisfied and later returned home. (From this act) Parvati became known as Chinnamasta.

There is another instance where the goddess is controlled by the devotee which shows her love and affection for her day, Ugraswarupini (Kali) slipped out of the temple at night and caused maelstrom and mayhem in the city. The people of Kanchi were very apprehensive at the destruction. Sankara prayed to Kamatchi and received assurance that she would not leave the temple and wander into the town without his express permission. The curfew worked and people were happy. This is one of the very few curfews imposed by man on goddess. The tradition continues even to this day in that Kamatchi receives permission from Sankara before she ventures out of the sanctum.

Asking devi for boons and benefits is liking asking the mother for what we want but remember the boons alone does not make us happy.

Here is a verse from soundarya lahiri which when read will give everyone the benefits they are seeking for:

Smaram yonim lakshmim trithayam idam adau tava manor

Nidhay’aike nitye niravadhi-maha-bhoga-rasikah;

Bhajanti tvam chintamani-guna-nibaddh’aksha-valayah

Sivagnau juhvantah surabhi-ghrta-dhara’huti-sataih.

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