Brief Notes on Sri Chakra (Yantra) Definition, Construction and Archana Procedure   1 comment

Sri Matre Namaha

Brief Notes on Sri Chakra (Yantra) Definition, Construction and Archana Procedure

Brief Notes on Sri Chakra (Yantra) Definition, Construction and Archana Procedure

Brief Notes on Sri Chakra (Yantra) Definition, Construction and Archana Procedure is an part of “An Encyclopedia on Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari – Unveling the Secret of The Exotic Power of Sri Chakra Archana”. In this book we try to highlight the Contruction Procedure of Sri Yantra and then various forms of Sri Chakra Archana in brief and also Sri Vidya Upasana Tantra.

“An Encyclopedia on Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari – Unveling the Secret of The Exotic Power of Sri Chakra Archana” is an end-to-end knowledge crest to reach the Moksha Marga and to derive various forms of worshiping the Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari and to activate Kundalini Maha Shakthi.

The Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari is an ultimate power through which all the Chakras can be activated very easily. But the biggest problem is the right procedures to adopt and till date no single source is available to do it.

There are various forms of Sri Chakra Archana and key procedures commonly adopted are Kadgamala Prakarana and Navavarna Pooja Vidhana. But, there are other ways and means to take up the Sri Chakra Archana (Sri Chakra can be either Meru Form or Sri Yantra Form), because Sri Chakra’s key mediatating god is Sri Lalitha Parabhattarika who is also called as Sri Chakra Bindu Rupini Sri Rajarajeswari Sri Devi Sri Maha Vidya Sri Maha Tripura Sundari Sri Lalitha Parabhattarika (the full name of Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari);. It means she can be worshiped in any form by her short name procedures.

The Sri Chakra Archana is an ideal systems wherein it can be worshiped by means of Mantra-Yantra-Tantropasana. The ritual procedures of all the three forms are different from one another, but the goal is awakening of Kundalini Shakthi or Shad Chakropasana to get the ultimate power and to attain moksha.
According to Mantropasana procedures, She can be meditated by Panchadashi Mantra, Shodashi Mantra, Kadgamala Namavali or even Lalitha Sahasranamam. Which means, Sri Chakra Archana by means of Bija Mantra Dhyana followed by kumkumarchana and Nivedana a simplest form with not much complexity of rituals.

But Yantropasana Procedures has a bit complexity and the procedures has to be apodted by means Navavarna Pooja or Kadgamala Prakarana (thou both are same as per modern rituals are concerned but they are different to the greater extent and partially Kagdamala Prakarana is included in Navavarna Pooja) and either Panchadashi or Shodashi Mantra Dyana and then Sri Lalitha Archana for Kumkumarchana followed by Shodasa Upacharas. If one has more patience to to attain better results the Dasa Mahavidya Bija mantra sampoti dhyana after Panchadashi or Shodashi Mantra Dyana will yield quick results; but the sadaka should take highest precautions including Brahmacharya, Satvik aahara, controlling panchedriyas; especially by means of kama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha, and mascharyas and has to follow the Truth and Sanyasa Ashrama paths.

But Tantropasana Procedures has highest complexity and the procedures has to be apodted strictly by means Sri Vidya Upasana or Chandi Upasana or Dasa Maha Vidya Upasana which has scared rituals as explained in Rig Veda and Atharvana Veda including Vamachara rituals followed by Navavarna Pooja. The ritual also calls for vivastra archana and hata yoga procedures and the sadaka should take much more highest precautions then Yantropasana and preferred to leave Grustashrama to bind to the procedures and to get right results.

In this modern era / Kali yuga following Tantropasana Procedures are highly difficult, so many gurus has created short-cuts to it by clubbing Yantropasana and Tantropasana Procedures and it has its own implications too by following such procedures. It is like farmimg for faster with highest yield by adopting Fertilizer Procedures in Agriculture, wherein the yield does not have any value in terms of calorific values and it doesnot nourish any strength to the body also but it shows results physically; similarly modern approach may give the result but cannot lead to moksha marga.

It is better to follow Matrasadhana or Mantropasana and then adopting Yantropanasa Procedures after gaining certin power thru Mantrasadana. Because, vibrating manipura and anahata chakras by Mantropasana is also possible & very easy also. Once anahata chakra got vibrated following yantropasana procedures will make the sadaka to understand the real purpose of procedures and rituals to be followed also, because vibrating Visudha Chakra means doing everything is by heart and soul to reach Sahasrara Chakra and in this process the sadaka will attain self enlightenment in following the right rituals.

Once sadaka vibrates Sahasrara Chakra Power then complete enlightenment has achieved to reach the Moksha Marga.

But in this modern era many of the people doesnot know the importance of praying also and some doesnot believe the god and our ancient ritual procedures also because of modern indefinetive mediatating procedures and modern gurus feels that ancient system is a trash also.

If we can review by backward study, all the modern theories are extracted from the existing ancient principles of yoga procedures and re-derived as modern practicing; but all the yoga procedures including Patanjali Sutras has called for definitive process binding to the vedic ritual procedures. But modern gurus has re-directed the process to adopt short-cuts and to make the system easy to adopt by following the caption of “Something is better than Nothing”.

Yes, to start the activities or to initiate, modern theories will be a channel but after sometime the same should be transformed into the exact process as derived by the ancient vedic culture to get the ultimate results. Hence, the book An Encyclopedia on Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari – Unveling the Secret of The Exotic Power of Sri Chakra Archana has be divided into four Volumes from the basiscs of Hinduism & Vedic Culture to Sri Chakra Archana procedures followed by Lalitha Sahasranamam bhasaym.

Udaya Bhaaskar Bulusu

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